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Nakedness and the Bible

"Paul M. Bowman's book is his "magnum opus!" Bowman has carefully examined all scriptures relating to nudity and nakedness, and even those passages that just hint to the topic, and has done so with the patience and skill of a neurosurgeon – so as to bring out the actual meaning that the Biblical writer wanted his readers to understand. He is to be commended for dealing with a topic that is considered already "understood" or even "taboo" among Bible readers. Bowman has shown that such understanding or taboo is not what is actually found in the Bible. Rarely does one find a book on a topic that treats a topic exhaustively. Even rarer is finding an exhaustive book on this topic. Bowman more than gives us his opinion; in most cases he substantiates it from the Biblical text (English, Hebrew and Greek) and other historical documents from the Biblical period. This book presents a very compelling case for what our society doesn't understand – that there is good nakedness. This is a must read for every Christian."

— Pastor Jeffrey S. Bowman, Th.B., M.A. Senior Pastor, Anaheim California (no relation to Paul, just a good last name!)

"If you seek to refute those who look to authority in the Christian Bible as a means for condemning social nudity, now Paul M. Bowman's new book will be just the resource you need."

— Lee Baxandall, Founder and Pres., The Naturist Society

"Paul M. Bowman's Nakedness and the Bible provides an articulate examination of the scriptures pertaining to the morality of nakedness. Holding fast to what is true, Bowman methodically undercuts the facile claim of a biblical condemnation of all social nudity. Using the Bible as his guide, Bowman makes a strong case that naturism – non-erotic social nakedness – is morally acceptable and well within God's plan for humanity. All thinking Christians and naturists interested in the issue of nakedness will want to take a close look at this discussion."

— Mark Storey, Philosophy Instructor at Bellevue Community College and Editor-at-Large for Nude and Natural magazine

"It is so important for both skinny-dippers as well as the general public to have accurate knowledge of how our biblical history really viewed the naked body. Knowing how and where the myths and misunderstandings occured that is causing our current body shame is enlightening. Mr. Bowman's research is so valuable to curing this pathological condition. I will do whatever I can to share his important work with the public, educators, religious scholars and government officials. This information is the birth of our healthy mental reawakening. Naturists can hold their heads high knowing that there's a reason being nude feels so right."

— Shirley Mason – Florida Naturist, Founder of Haulover's clothing optional beach and B.E.A.C.H.E.S Foundation Institute

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Introduction to Naturism · Nakedness and the Bible · Children and Nakedness · Nakedness in the West · We NEED Research · Further Reading · Volunteer